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 Garden Club of Taos

Los Jardineros Garden Club of Taos is a 501(c)3 civic organization and a valuable resource for high desert gardeners in Taos County, New Mexico. 

Meetings are held in Taos on the third or fourth Thursday of the month between April and October and are open to the public.  At each meeting an invited speaker presents a program on a subject directed to the interests and needs of high desert gardeners. Past topics have included: edible landscapes, permaculture, container gardening, orchid care, selecting the right tree, native and flowering shrubs, raising herbs and vegetables, xeriscape principles, and beneficial insects.

Members also have the opportunity to visit a variety of Taos gardens.  These visits are a rare opportunity to experience a variety of gardening techniques and landscape designs.  In addition members can ask questions of the gardeners to learn about gardening in our unique Taos environment.

Upcoming events

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