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Los Jardineros Garden Club Recognizes Business Beautification Efforts

The Los Jardineros Garden Club of Taos recognized The Overland Ranch, Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, and the combined efforts of the Taos Artisans Cooperative Gallery and Dwellings Revisited for their efforts in beautifying Taos County with the presentation of Taos Beautiful Awards.  The awards were announced to the Los Jardineros Garden Club membership at their annual meeting on October 16, 2014. The awardees received their awards at presentations in the past two weeks. 

The Overland Ranch complex has for some years had a beautiful landscape with ponds, aspen groves and a carpet of wildflowers.  These are designed and cared for by Carla Allen and Marcia Sanchez.  The garden has a drip irrigation system but Carla stated at the award presentation “the rain this year really helped create the lush appearance.”  Both plants and seeds were used to create the lovely color pallet and care is taken to allow the plants to reseed naturally.  Marcia grew up in Arroyo Hondo and learned of the native plants on walks with her grandmother, hence the hollyhocks, sweet peas, asters, yarrow and aspens in this lovely garden.

“A work in progress” is what Reverend Clement Nigel calls the Our Lady of Guadalupe parish gardens.  Renovations are being done by some parishioners and hired contractors. One recently completed area is the stone memorial rosary. Parishioners have their loved ones names engraved on the stones that make up “the rosary” along the winding pathway.  Lilac bushes and a lovely fountain have also been added. A hidden gem is the garden inside the private courtyard. A lawn of thyme is in progress as are strawberry, blackberry, and raspberry plants.  One lonely tomato plant, with tomatoes, graces the statue of St. Francis.  He watches over it faithfully.  Future plans include fruit trees in the parking lot medians.  In recognition that the area was once an orchard, Father Nigel would like to see wild plum and chokecherries growing there again.

The third Taos Beautiful award was presented to Karen Blair and Allegra Sleep of Taos Artisans Cooperative Gallery and Cam Martin of Dwellings Revisited for their commitment to improving the garden area in front of their businesses on Bent Street.  When the evergreen grew so large that it was blocking the natural light to Taos Artisans, they decided to cut it back.  In doing so, not only did their shop gain light, but the plants and flowers surrounding the evergreen flourished in the additional sunlight. As a result, a lush garden was allowed to grow.  Because the stump from the evergreen was unattractive, the women built a table top to attach to it.  Then, tree trunks became stools painted and placed around the table to create what is now known as the “Fairy Table”.  The apricot trees in the area were hit by frost last year, so it did not appear that they would bear fruit.  But somehow three apricots appeared, as a gift to the three women who worked so hard to create this beautiful garden space!

The Los Jardineros Garden Club has, for the past four years, given the Taos Beautiful Awards to businesses and non-profit organizations with landscapes that enhance the beauty of our county.  Members of the club nominate landscapes that are compatible with the environment and the surroundings, have visual appeal and are easy to maintain.  Previous award winners include Walgreens, Act I Gallery, Central Station, Arroyo Seco Mercantile, Pat Woodall Fine Art, US Bank, Cid’s Market and Red Cat Melissiana, Centinel Bank, and the El Meze Restaurant.

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Updated on: 09 Apr 2015
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