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April 2020


Wow! How things have changed in the last 30 days.  I hope that all of you and your families are safe and settling in to a new routine staying at home.  If you are one of our heroes working in an essential business, thank you from all of us.

We obliviously will not have our monthly meetings for probably several months.  All events in the near future, like the Lilac Festival, are cancelled.  A final decision on the cancellation of the 2020 Garden & Home Tour will be made next month. 

The Board of Directors has been brainstorming ways that we can provide you with gardening expertise and allow us to share questions and our experience in our gardens. Our Facebook Manager, Vicky Zillioux, has been posting a variety of articles on garden cleanup, online classes and growing advice for a variety of plants.  This month's presentation was to be on Kitchen Gardens by Heidi Smith.  Her written presentation and pictures will be posted on our website under "Gardening Resources" in the next week. 

Most of the members of the Board of Directors have commented their gardens haven't been cleaned up so well in years.  We all agreed that this forced time at home made us do more work out in our gardens.  We want to start, either on the website via a member forum or on our Facebook page, a spot to share pictures of your progress in your garden and a place to post your questions with answers from your fellow members.  If you like this idea, and would find it useful, let us know by emailing ljtaosnm1949@gmail.com.  Also tell us other ideas or suggestions for sharing gardening expertise and staying connected.

Please stay healthy and stay home and in your garden.

Kathy Fortner


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