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March 2019


'It is good for the garden, it is good for the garden’, I kept telling myself. I was clearing our level driveway of the newly accumulated 15” of thankfully, light snow. I dumped shovel after shovel of snow towards the garden beds. Come Spring and Summer we will be rewarded with lushness all around. And who knows, we may even find plant varieties that have been dormant during last years’ dry seasons.

We enjoyed a record high attendance at our first monthly meeting in February. The featured program focused on Acequias and, among other points, their wide-ranging benefits – how timely. The programs committee’s March feature will be different and interesting as well.

So, if you could not attend the February meeting, please mark your calendar for March 21.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone there.


March Meeting

  March 21st at 9:30 am

Taos Tennis Meeting Room, 88 State Road 150 in El Prado

The program for March will be "Botanical Art, A Continuing Tradition"

An American Society of Botanical Artists presentation.  ASBA member Deborah Baldwin Fair will bring this program, which includes beautiful examples of botanical art depicting flora from ancient Egyptian artifacts, through the centuries of botanical art, to work by some of the most award-winning contemporary botanical artists.  Included will be a discussion of why botanical art matters to gardeners and botanists, and what makes for fine botanical art as opposed to art with floral themes. Deb Fair holds a Doctor of Ministry in the Arts and Theology, and recently began studying and practicing botanical art, earning a Certificate of Botanical Illustration from the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens in Richmond Virginia in 2015.

The social time will start at 9:30 am and the meeting and speaker will follow at 10:00 am.  If you have questions please email ljtaosnm1949@gmail.com


Would you like to help beautify Taos County and oversee our civic beautification projects? 

The Grant Committee is looking for a couple of new members.  You can review the job description for the committee by clicking HERE.  If you are interested please contact the Grants Director, John Mayer at jktaos@live.com or the other committee members Theresa Taggart, Janet Scott, and Susan Barnett.


Membership Reminder

If you have not renewed your membership, please bring your checkbook to the next meeting.  We will print the membership directory soon and would like to include everyone in the first printing. An addendum costs additional money!

Gardening Workshops of Interest

Tooley’s Trees Spring 2019 Workshops

March 16, 2019, 9:30am to 4:30pm.

Grafting workshop at Tooley’s Trees

Location: Tooley's Trees Truchas, NM
Cost: $70 and includes rootstocks for 5 apple or crabapple trees. YOU MUST SIGN UP WITH US BY PHONE OR EMAIL TO INSURE A PLACE IN THE WORKSHOP.

March 30, 2019, 1pm to 5pm.

Orchard Management Workshop at Work in Beauty Learning Center

Location: Candy Kitchen, NM
Free Workshop
To sign up, email: workinbeauty.inc@gmail.com or call Owl McCabe at 505 775-0100.
We will talk about holistic orchard management, insect strategies, soils, orchard timing, pruning and cover cropping. Gordon will also demonstrate grafting.

Paul Bryan Jones Tree Care Class

He will be offering a tree care class starting mid-March 2019 for 10 weeks. Anyone interested please email me, pbjtrees@gmail.com.  I will send out the syllables. The class cost is a donation of $20 or more per class. The syllables focus on different tree care topics each week with some hands-on practicums about planting, pruning, irrigation and tree evaluations.

To read the Paul's Tree Stewardship newsletter, click here.  The newsletter contains lots of information on tree care, community meetings and information of the Town's Tree Board.


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