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Well, the leaves are changing and our gardens are starting to prepare for winter.  I  hope you all had a chance to enjoy some time in your gardens and harvest its fruits, whether they be flowers, fruits or vegetables.  Los Jardineros is changing along with the leaves.  We approved our new by-laws and governance structure at our last meeting.  Now the Nominating committee is busy filling the slate of officers, directors and standing committee positions.  Many thanks to all of you who have already expressed an interest and are committed to being a part of the Board of Directors or a member of a Standing Committee. Now that much of the operations of the club are accomplished through larger standing committees, we can all help out to make the 70th year of Los Jardineros enjoyable and interesting for all our members and the community.

   I am sad to report that one of our long time members, Janet Majerus has passed away.  Janet wrote the Los Jardineros monthly articles in the Taos News for several years and we will miss her sage and calm advice.  Please read the tribute on our Facebook page.  The Executive Committee is considering placing a plaque in her honor in our Celebration Garden.  Let me know if you have an idea for the words for the stone.

    I have so enjoyed my time as your President.  I am looking forward to welcoming the new Board of Directors at our October Annual Meeting and Potluck.  John Mayer, our Grants Chair, will review the current year grants and describe the grants we have funded for 2019.  We can also look forward to an excellent presentation about the results of the three year project we have funded at the Roots and Wings Community School in Questa.

   Thanks for everyone's work this past year.  Due to what we done together, we had a great tour, successfully participated in several community events and funded numerous education and beautification projects in Taos County.

Nancy Johnson


Are you interested in becoming more involved with the Los Jardineros next year?  The Nominating Committee still has a few Director and committee member positions to fill.  Job descriptions for all the Officers and Standing Committees can be read by clicking here.

If you want to discuss how you would like to get involved, call the Nominating Committee Chair, Judy Weinrobe at (214)236-1650


Here are some great tips from David Salman and Waterwise Gardening for Fall gardening tasks to keep your plants healthy in our arid climate.  more tips are available on the website.

1. Watering - September can be deceptively dry. Continue to water regularly any transplants from the 2018 growing season during September and early October. Perennials, ornamental grasses, shrubs, trees and evergreens planted in the last two years need deep soakings at least twice weekly.

2. Mulching - Help to converse water and improve the soil moisture levels by making sure all of this year's transplants have a nice deep layer of mulch around their base and water holding saucer ("well") to shade the soil from the sun.

– For Xeric and many Native Plants use: 1 to 2” thick layer of pine needles, crushed pecan shells or crushed gravel.

– For Plants that Like more moisture and richer soil: 1 to 2” thick layer of composted bark (not bark chips or nuggets), shredded wood or leaves and coarse textured composts like Soil Mender BTE cotton burr compost.

4. Hold off on Cutting Back of Your Garden - wait until early to mid-spring of next year.

 5. Hold off on pruning of woody shrubs and trees until late November- February.

October Meeting: Annual Meeting and Potluck

October 18th at 11:30 am at Casa Benevides at 137 Kit Carson Rd.

Join other Los Jardineros members for a potluck lunch and to hear about the grant projects from this year and next.  Our speaker will be Annalise Zosel from Roots and Wings Community School.  She will tell us about the school's three year project to integrate food growing activities with their entire curriculum for K through 8.

Please bring a dish to share.  You may drop off your dish in the driveway of Casa Benavides and then park your car in the Town's free parking lot at Kit Carson Rd. and Quesnel.  Click LG Potluck Map.jpg  for map.

Attendance is limited to 40 so please register online or email your RSVP to ljtaosnm1949@gmail.com. or call Kathy Fortner at (575)770-0243.


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