Garden Club of Taos

Celebrating 70 Years of Beautification and Horticultural Education in Taos County

Taos Beautiful Awards

Let’s promote those entities that work hard to beautify Taos County!
In 2011 a new program was announced to recognize public entities for creating landscapes that beautify Taos County.  The program solicits nominations from Los Jardineros members.  Any member can nominate businesses, non-profits, or governments that have landscaped and maintained the area around their building.  The recognition will consist of a letter and certificate from Los Jardineros.  The Publicity Chair will submit a short article and photographs to the Taos News.

Download the Taos Beautiful Nomination Form. The nomination deadline for 2015 awards is September 4, 2015.  The Los Jardineros Executive Committee will select the award winners in September and awards will be announced at the annual pot-luck luncheon meeting..pdf

The evaluation criteria are:

  • Visual Appeal (25 points):  Is the design of plantings and hardscape pleasing to the eye?
  • Compatibility with Environment (25 points):  Does the landscaping include xeric components that reduce water consumption and retain soil?
  • Ease of Maintenance (25 points):  Does the landscape demonstrate a commitment to ongoing maintenance?
  • Compatibility with Surroundings (25 points):  Does the landscape blend well with surrounding landscape and natural areas?

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