Celebrating our 70th Year of Beautification and Horticultural Education in Taos County

Taos Integrated School of the Arts

Grant Amount:  $1,935

The Acequia is a tradition that is slowly disappearing in New Mexico, only a handful of working acequia are left.  TISA will teach students about the role water plays in this arid land and familiarize them with the importance of their local food shed through hands-on activities and art integration.  Students will take care of the local acequia that feeds the school property, by cleaning the acequia and be active parciantes. 

The students will also learn the importance of pollinators to our food shed.  They will plant and care for a pollinator garden to help ensure the pollination of the fruit trees.

Students will also learn the importance of composting. Students will learn how food can be reused and converted into compost that will help the gardens and trees grow.

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