Garden Club of Taos

Las Cumbres Community Services - Garden at the Taos County Juvenile Detention Center - $1,650

This project will create a vegetable and flower garden in the juvenile detention center.  The project will serve primarily as an educational opportunity for the juveniles who are housed in the detention center.  There is also the component of creating a beautiful space within the detention center that can serve as a space for residents of the facility to meet with probation and counselors.  The detention center would also like to construct benches for residents to meet with service providers, when appropriate.

Last year the residents build raised beds and grew vegetables with road department dirt and donated seeds.  After observing the level of engagement with the residents with this project, it was decided that we need to re-crate this initial garden with improved soil, seeds and starters as well as expand the flower garden. This is a unique opportunity for these residents to engage in experiential and tactile learning.  Being in the garden is the only time residents are permitted outdoors during their day.  In the past Spring/Summer season the garden and other projects have reduced the number of behavioral incidents to almost none.

Click here to read Final project report

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