Garden Club of Taos

Aerial View of Proposed Center

Students and Advisors Building the floor heated Greenhouse

Taos High School Forestry Program - $3000

This grant has been rolled over to 2016/17 as our grant has been combined with money from the school district to develop the Agroecology Center. The goal of this proposal is to start a project-based learning curriculum in horticulture and landscape ecology at Taos High School. The specific objectives of these funds would be the development of perennial gardens that serve the program fiscally (produce sales) as well as educationally (living-library of plants).  Funding requested for organic raspberry plants and asparagus crowns, native grass seed mix, topsoil, mulch, gardening tools, two student summer internships, contract labor to develop a lesson plan and garden plan on pollinator species (Rivers & Birds), and to create a tree research and experimentation area for THS along with a corresponding curriculum (Ben Wright).

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