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April 2018


It’s spring everywhere!  There are bulbs peeking out!  I am excited about this month's speaker.  Exceptional gardener, Lori Priest will demonstrate her techniques for lush container gardens.  Those of you who joined us on the field trip to Lori's house last year will certainly be excited to see how Lori produces those beautiful containers.

We are moving ahead with our tour and already have 3 great houses and Arts Alive! at the Taos Art Museum/Fechin House.  Think about where you want to work/have fun and let us know.  It’s a great place to meet and see people.

We also need floral arrangers and sponsors for Arts Alive!  Arts Alive! pairs beautiful floral arrangements with pieces of art.  The Taos Art Museum/Fechin House is very excited about this event which was last done in 2012. They had over 400 people go thru the museum that day.

Several museums have contacted the club asking for help in their gardens.  This is not an official project of our club, but might be fun to do to help the museums.  Let me know if you would like to help.

Nancy Johnson, President

Los Jardineros Garden Club of Taos

Los Jardineros Website Update

Be sure and visit our website.  It has lots of information about gardening in this area and the events of both in our club and in the community.  The web page has members-only content like a member directory, a forum for gardening discussions and resource articles.  The website address is www.gardencluboftaos.org. If you have not obtained a password for the website, read the instructions below to set up your password.

1.  Go to Los Jardineros website,  www.gardencluboftaos.org

2.  In upper right hand corner, type in your email address that you gave us and click <Forgot Password>.

3.  On the page that pops up, type in your email address again and the "code" that is displayed.

4.  An email will be sent to your email address.  Click on the 2nd link in the email, which appears underneath the words: "To choose a new password go to:".

5.  You will need to choose a password of at least 7 characters (you will have to enter it twice) and agree to "terms of use" by clicking the button on the screen marked <continue>.

6.  Login with your email address and new password; login area is located in the upper right corner of the page.

7.  Then, once logged into the Los Jardineros website, you can access the Members Only area, update your contact information and renew your membership.

April Meeting  April 19th 9:30 am

Lori Priest will demonstrate how to plant and grow container gardens.

Taos Tennis Meeting Room at 88 State Road 150.

April Gardening Tips from horticulturalist David Salmon at Waterwise Gardening, LLC

Turn On and Check Your Drip System for Leaks:  It's time to turn on your drip system.  Light freezes typical in April and early May will not cause damage to your drip system.  Turn on each zone and walk your landscape to find any leaks or damaged tubing.  This is very important because, once you apply the mulch so important for protecting soil moisture, it's very difficult to find leaks that waste precious water.

Keep Watering Deeply Every Couple of Weeks:  Remember to water every couple of weeks.  This is especially important for any new plants that you transplanted in the past couple of years.  Young trees and shrubs should have their wells reformed (small mounds of soil that ring the base of the plant to hold water). Then fill the well a couple of times to soak the soil deeply.  The general rule of thumb when it comes to watering is;

Water deeply but less frequently so the roots will follow the water down more deeply into the soil. Shallow, frequent watering encourages shallow roots.

The Taos Center for the Arts landscaping grant is completed.  Next time you are in the area, stop by and see how they have dressed up the walkway next to their offices and the Los Jardineros Celebration Garden.

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