Garden Club of Taos

Ben Wright and Paul Bryan Jones demonstrate proper pruning techniques at the March 20 Pruning Workshop.

Arid Lands Workshop

Arid-Lands Gardening/Permaculture Basics Workshop

Taos Charter School students learn to plant corn, beans and squash.

Three Sisters Garden at Taos Charter School  $2,000

This grant was provided to Agriculture Implementation Research and Education (AIRE) to create a "three sisters" garden in the arroyo at each of the terraces defined by the flood control check dams east of Taos Charter School.  The arroyo garden will demonstrate a Native American agriculture technique that was common to this area in pre-Hispanic times.  The tree pruning workshop is in collaboration with the Heartwood Coalition to maintain the fruit trees that currently exist at two sites to the east side of the school and surrounding the arroyo.

The gardens will be used as an educational site for AIRE educational programming during the growing season.

Click here to read final project report.

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